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The Club

A four season club providing a unique experience on and off-trail on marked, ungroomed wilderness trails in the Gibson River area.

Sunday Trips

The bus season begins the first Sunday in January and lasts until March.  Convenient bus pick ups start from downtown Toronto make this an ideal way to hit the trails.

The Landscape

Enjoy the beauty and tranquility of unspoiled backcountry hiking or skiing in the open forests, marshes and lakes of the Canadian Shield.

Year Round: Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter Activities

We've put our skis and snowshoes away and have brought out our hiking boots, canoes and bicycles.  Hiking, backpacking, trail clearing and camping trips are on the agenda for this Spring/Summer/Fall.  Take a peak at our Events page on what we have to offer. 


To see more photos, go to our 2016 Photo Gallery.